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Catholic Character in NZ Catholic Schools [pdf 520kb]

FE Funding Guidelines for Proprietors and BoTs

Handbook For The Board of Trustees Of New Zealand Catholic Integrated Schools 2016 [pdf 1.75Mb]

Welcome to APIS:

Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools

The Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS) was set up in 1982 when the Proprietors of Integrated schools recognised the importance of all Proprietors, irrespective of their religious or philosophical position, working together in their relationship with government and government agencies.

The first school to be integrated following the passage of the Private Schools Conditional Act in late 1975 was Wesley College in Paerata, Auckland. Today there are 87 Proprietors who own 334 schools that educate 86,000 students.

The constitution of the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools states that the New Zealand Catholic Education Office acts on behalf of members to communicate with, and liaise with, government and government agencies on their behalf. This role is essential if Integrated schools are to remain competitive with the wider State sector.

Integrated schools seek to provide unique special character education as well as making a contribution to the well-being of New Zealand.

If any viewer of this site has any questions about the nation's Integration School network, they are welcome to contact the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools' operational office i.e. the New Zealand Catholic Education Office.

The Association of Integrated Schools New Zealand is a support and networking organisation for non-Catholic state-integrated schools. All AISNZ schools are members of the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools. APIS and AISNZ work closely together on matters of common interest, including the development of this website. AISNZ members are encouraged to use the APIS website and contribute resources of benefit to all.

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As a young person I was raised by parents who saw it as their right and duty to define the beliefs and values that we would take into our adult life. On this basis they chose our religion and they made it clear what our politics should be. They believed they were giving us something they treasured and they expected that we would continue to value and treasure these things in life. In that way our ideology and theology were given to us...


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